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UI Artist/Designer
103 Dewberry Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 1UH


Hi, I’m Tom! I'm a creative, artistic and ambitious UI Artist who specialises in colourful stylized art and innovative
concepts and designs. With 10 years of experience in the games industry, I have a proven track record of
delivering outstanding results to my clients as a freelancer, and have worked alongside reputable companies
such as Ubisoft, Disney, and Mediatonic. I am looking to join a studio with a happy and healthy culture, to develop
my in-house experience and work with a great team on some new projects.


Lead UI/UX Artist / RageSquid, 2023 - Current Freelance
NDA (PS5,PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X Port, Switch)
Tasked with leading the projects UI and UX from the ground up, establishing style early on to set the style and tone for the rest of the projects
UI/UX Artist / Polygon Loft, 2022 - Current Contract
NDA (PS5,PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X Port, Switch)
Designed the wireframes and UX to adapt the PC version to all platforms, along with taking lead on the final look and style of the UI revamp.
ArcRunner (PS5,PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X Port)
Designed the wireframes and UX to adapt the PC version to all platforms.
Wobbledogs (Nintendo Switch Port)
Continued UI/UX design on an existing project following an already established art style and ux flow.
UI/UX Artist / Mighty Bear Games, 2020
Disney Melee Mania (Mobile)
Concepting multiple early UI layouts & designs to help set a direction for an overall style & vision for the game.
Created multiple mock ups adapting to varied styles.
UI Artist, Lead UI/UX Artist / Snap Finger Click , 2019 - 2022
Ubisoft's Family Feud (PC,Console)
Awkward Card Game (Physical)
Ubisoft's Trivial Pursuit 2 (PC,Console)
Murder by Numbers (Nintendo Switch/Stadia Port)
888 Casino (Web/Mobile)
Lead UI/UX & Illustrator for a quiz game that will be featured on 888 Casino. (Mobile/Web) Additional UI on Ubisoft's Family Feud title,
including achievements, icons, animations and more. (PC, All Consoles)
Mediatonic Murder By Numbers Port to Multiple Platforms
Designed the art for a successful kickstarter project, alongside designing the physical card games cards, box and manual (excluding character
Illustrator / GDQuest , 2020
Concepted and Illustrated characters for their tutorials, alongside character icons for each team member.
UI Artist / Ocellus Studio, 2018
Talking Tom (Mobile)
I was brought in to overhaul existing UI & improve User Experience, adapting to their style but left to expand on the vision if needed.
Founder, Lead Art & UI, Game Design, Producer / Gamkat, 2013 - present
Designed all UI assets & UX for our titles, alongside game design, art and securing funding for our projects.
Created the brand design, logo and frontend website design.
Overseeing day to day production, coordinating the team.


● 10+ years experience using a variety of different design programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator & After
● Understanding of ux across all platforms and wireframes
● A solid understanding of UX across all platforms with the ability to pass on to team members through
guides and Figma.
● Worked with multiple teams using Trello, Jira and Azure to better collaborate and keep aligned during
the development process.
● Strong communication skills and enjoys working with other team players, happy to help wherever
needed, bouncing ideas and filling in any gaps
● An interest in the latest UI trends, keeping up to date and wanting to push to barrier with each project,
using a strong eye for design and colour.
● Adore the industry I’m in, both as a developer and a player, always wanting to try out new games and
new mechanics, especially working through the free PS Plus day.
● I got the incredible chance to work on a Disney game, Disney Melee Mania, designing the front end UI
look of the game, which is up there with working on a Nintendo game bucket list.
● Huge interest in creating UI that looks incredible but also UX that works.
● Recently I went to my first games event Develop Brighton and have a great interest in going to as many
as I possibly can.
● Got to work on a physical card game, bringing UI into the physical world which felt incredible holding in
my hands.
● Worked on and got to play Trivial Pursuit 2, a game I used to play with friends years before which was a
surreal experience.
● I run my own small team in my spare time called Gamkat, which has signed its first publisher deal to
produce a game from start to finish based on the publishers GDD.

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